Live outside - and enjoy your existence

What we often times forget is the value nature brings. It grounds us. Reminds us to slow down and be in each season of life as it comes. Nature doesn't skip spring or there would be nothing to bloom and marvel at in the summer. 

To live outside of your routine, to live outside of your job doesn't mean you have to set up camp in the trees but it does mean you need to prioritize your mental and physical being by taking time to sit with the biggest confirmed intelligence system we've ever known, Mother Nature. She is flawless in her imperfections and creates incredible unbelievable things when put under immense pressure, just like we can, if we choose.

Science says spending 60 seconds a day barefoot to ground yourself has incredible health benefits. Lowering heart rate, stress levels and tension to name a small few. We may not even realize we allow life to weigh on us, but as we continue to explore human emotional and physiology we begin to see just how much our environment affects us. Stress from within and outside of us can kill us by signalling disease within us to become active. This is why a balance approach to living is so critical. It could save your life.

Steps to get grounded NOW.

  1. Go outside.
  2. Take your shoes and socks off.
  3. Find dirt or grass...Earth, find raw earth.
  4. Breath deeply into the belly (in through nose, out through mouth)
  5. Release all the shit that floods your mind and tenses your body, release it into the earth. Picture it running from you to your feet and deep into the earth, until you hit deep unground water, from there let the feels, thoughts and worries flow into the water. Nature just is so whatever is weighing you down is useable energy for the earth but toxic to you so let it go, Let nature find a better purpose for it. 
  6. If applicable, let the tears, sighs, yips and yells out.
  7. Celebrate yourself for loving yourself enough to do it. You are awesome.

Happiness as they say is an inside job, what they fail to say along with that is its an inside job best done outside with nature.

<3 Much love 

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