Whats Your Average & Who is in Your Top 5?

Today I heard a quote and it is critical I share it because though it is simple it's meaning holds truth and therefore strong value.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" -J.Rohn

How often we take for granted who we give our time and energy to.

The funny part for me is, I feel this also applies to your internal influences - your health, thoughts and emotions. I mean if I lived with or spent time with someone who is always complaining or looking for the negative or telling me where im not living up to my potential... I'd likely drop kcik them the fuck outta my space... wouldnt you?

So that's my mission and i encourage you to make it yours as well. Switch up your internal social group. All you need to do is


We can limit the access we give to others but we have to live with ourselves 24/7.

That hit home hard for me. It has taken me far too long to genuinely and lovingly embrace other humans. To open myself to humans I didn't know. I wanted to judge, stay safe and assume - damn what a lot of wasted time and energy.

I look around today at the incredibly large number of humans I choose to know. Humans I am blessed to share moments, adventures, my life and love with.


Since today is women crush Wednesday - to all the powerful, beautiful and glorious females I'm lucky to know (especially my top 5, since your influencing me) 
Thank you. I appreciate you. I value you. I love you.

Whether we talk daily or yearly I am grateful and in awe of you and all you do just being you.

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