Getting Started W/ TrainBrazen

Q: Where do I start??
A: If you don’t know what you need - book a FREE consultation. Lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming initially, don’t hesitate to contact me to ask questions and find out more (add link to form for consult??) – I am always happy to help you on your quest to healthier living.
If you know what you need and want from me – head on over to the training tab and select the method of training that will work best for you (online, in-person, or a custom solo training plan) - the initial consultation is still free with this option as well.

Q: What program is best for me?
A: It greatly depends on your fitness level, lifestyle and time. Needless to say there is ALWAYS a way to create a healthier lifestyle. If you want motivation, direct accountability and someone there to adjust your program as you change try online or in-person training with me. If you travel a lot and have some experience with working out try HIIT90 or invest in a custom program built specifically for you and your goals.

Q: What is the benefit of working with a PT?
A: Support, experience, expertise and safety. A trainer ensures the exercises performed are specific to your goals and are executed safely. Another major benefit is their knowledge and ability to work around injuries, limitations, your schedule and medical conditions.

Q: How many times each week should I train/be trained?
It greatly depends on your goals, though the general rule is at least 3 times a week with days off in between for recovery (especially if new to fitness)

Q: What is usually the biggest challenge getting started?
A: Yourself; attitude, mindset and belief are everything. Getting over your mind chatter and current habits (that aren’t serving you) is the hardest aspect of training. I bet you thought it was the physical… But no.

Q: Do I Need A Gym Membership
A: No. Training for health does not require a gym. Though if you already have a gym membership, we won't waste it.

Q: How many sessions should I purchase?
The number of sessions you purchase is completely up to you. The more you buy, the more you save. Typically most clients start with a 30 day program with 2-3 days a week of in-person/online training.

Q: How long will I need to train to see results?
A: Typically you can start to feel changes right away. To see noticeable results it can take up to 12 weeks/3 months for a dramatic change to occur. Honestly results vary because commitment and habits vary. As long as you’re committed to the process and your goals you can see physical results within 4-6 weeks.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear?
A: Be comfortable. Choose clothes that let you move with ease.
Pants: loose or tight are fine as long as the loose pant don’t drag on the ground or jeopardize your ability to move safely. Same goes for the tight pants, you’ll need full mobility in them.
Shoes: stable, supportive, flat. Try to avoid shoes with built in lifts and air pockets, they tend to compromise your balance and impact the effectiveness of your training or compensate which is even worse.
Shirt: whatever you can move, feel comfortable and breathe in.
Bra/Undies: COTTON & supportive. Breathability is key, especially for the southern regions.

Working with Nina

Q: How long have you been training for and what is your qualification?
A: I started training with a trainer wayyy back in 2011 and fell in love with it. Then I practiced training my retail team at 6am bootcamps for a summer and realized THIS IS MY DREAM. I love helping people and getting strong. Next I decided to certify with CANFIT about 4 years ago. That gave me a deeper comprehension of anatomy and bio-mechanics - best decision ever, aside from working out for my own health.

Q: Do you offer flexible payment plans?
A: Yes and no.
Yes: we can break up payments into installments (though this cannot be done via my website, so you will need to contact me)
No: there is a non-negotiable upfront fee once we figure out what kind of training plan you want/need.

Q: Can you come to me?

A: If you are within 20km of the K-W Region, I absolutely can. If you are just outside of the region and want to train in person – we can discuss a half-way point or workout additional costs to cover transportation. OR we can train online which is cost effective, traffic free and more wallet friendly.

Q: What happens if I buy sessions and have to cancel last minute?
A: If you give 24 hours notice, we reschedule. If you give less than 24 hours notice and it’s not a critical emergency you will be billed for the session in full.
If I have to cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice - I will contact you immediately and replace the session at your earliest convenience.

Q: What happens if I am late to a session?
A: If you’re a few minutes behind – it happens, the session will still end at the scheduled time. If you’re over 30 minutes late (barring an emergency) you lose the session.
If I am late - I will extend the session to the full amount of time, or add more time to your next session (when it works for you).

Q: What if I buy a package and don’t like working with you?
A: We would explore our options. Sometimes the greatest obstacles we face are things/people we don’t mesh with and sometimes those are our greatest teachers. I don’t give up easily and I hope you don’t either, but if it truly isn’t meant to be we would split the balance.

General Health

Q: How do I stay motivated?
A: First, figure out why you need to be motivated. What is your why – sure, it may to be shed a few pounds but whats making you want to shed those few pounds? Do you want to live longer, easier, feel stronger, prove to yourself you can? Once you’re really clear on why you’re trying to get motivated in the first place – the willpower will be there to keep you going.

**If you want more info on these techniques please check out The Mindset Guide (link). Learn all the ways you can change your habits and beliefs to get you where you want to go.

Q: How do I lose <X>lbs in <Y>days?
A: First please do not look at your intelligent and beautiful body and think caring for it should be on a timeline. No. Your body, yes that one, the only one you get man. Set goals without hard deadlines. Give yourself time for setbacks. Keep your mindset supportive and excited about this, eat well, and stay consistent. The formula can be dressed up 1,000 ways but it really boils down to consistency over time not one specific timeline.

Q: How do I tone without looking “jacked or bulky”?
A: To lean out or get toned you must lift weights and eat a balanced diet. There is a big misconception that lifting weights will make you get jacked. While weights can help you get “jacked” this only happens when it’s on purpose. Also getting “jacked” takes an incredible amount of planning, food and time to build up to that level muscle and body mass. TO lean out simply lift weights using progressive overload and watch what and how much food you eat.

Q: What do I eat to lose weight??
A: Food. Haha. Jk. Eat clean, eat well and most importantly EAT. I find with my clients the biggest misconceptions with food are:
Stop eating and you’ll loose weight: true but also false because you will lose muscle so things will still look and feel loose or you scare your body and it starts hoarding what food it does get into very hard to breakdown fat cells to ensure it can eat when it needs to eat.


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