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Online Training


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Training for health should not be limited to a destination.
Training for health can be done anywhere, anytime, wearing any mother f'n thing. As long as the WIFI signals are strong, you can be too (ah yes, the cheese game is strong with me). 

We will live stream and train from anywhere in the world because health knows no bounds so neither should training. 

Our online time together can be sweaty or purely educational depending on your wants and goals - what matters is I deliver my A game every single session and so do you. 

My expectations are simple - give a shit about your health and do your best. In turn, I promise to give a shit about your health and to push you without exception. I am the type of trainer that knows you can, even when you don't. So I'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Lets make some sweaty healthy magic!





Purchase Notes:
All communication will be conducted/sent via whatsapp, skype and email (please ensure is marked safe). 



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